The “B2B”: Brunate to Bellagio on the mountains

One of the “classic” of Como mountains. Quite simple walk, not too steep (if you are taking the funicular to Brunate), great nature, great landscapes!
It takes about 7-10 hours to hike from Brunate to Bellagio, so you can decide to make it in “one shot” or, better, in 2 days.

You can sleep in one of the “Rifugio” on the way (ie: Rifugio Riella) or take your own tent. Just remember that with the tent there are no clear laws in Italy if it is allowed to camp or not; usually rangers (if they will ever find you) will tolerate if you prepare your tent at sunset and if you leave early morning, but don’t organize barbeque and, above all, take all the rubbish with you!

Once you get to Bellagio (after a neverlasting downhill from Mt San Primo), you can take a boat or a bus to go back to Como.

How to go to the B2B (Brunate to Bellagio):
Take the funicular in Como and go up to Brunate. Take the bus T3 to the lighthouse and then take the trail to Monte Boletto, San Primo and Bellagio.


  • Take 2/3 liters of water with you. You can refill in Rifugio Riella, but there are not so many places along the way where to stop and drink!
  • Don’t miss the top of Mt San Primo; it offers one of the best view of all Como area. If you are in hurry, you can skip one of the other mountains avoiding to follow the “sentiero per la cresta”. You have best views from Monte Bolettone, Monte Palanzone and then Monte San Primo.
  • Rifugio Riella costs 50 euro including accomodation, dinner and breakfast. Water of the shower is quite cold and it is not a really modern place. However, hosts are nice and will provide you the right information. You can ask also for a sandwich for the second day walking.
  • Moving from Rifugio Riella at 8.30 and having a 1 hour break on Mt San Primo, you should arrive at Rifugio Martina between 13.00 and 14.00. Think about lunch there!

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