Via Verde

Easy walk with 3 starting options: Moltrasio/Tosnacco (most common), Laglio (going uphill, but easier public transportation) or Rovenna (longer, more in the nature).

All 3 options offer very scenographic landscapes of the Lake of Como; they are walks running parallel to the lake on pathways reserved for bikers and hikers. You go through small villages, some of them still built with stone, in the woods or along the lake. See the pictures below to have a more clear idea.

Starting in Moltrasio, you will just go flat or down, so it is a path for everyone and will take about 90 minutes to get to Laglio. You can easily reach Moltrasio by bus or by boat and the look for the “Trattoria del Fagiano”. The starting point of Via Verde is just 10 meters behind the Trattoria, in Via Linera. It is indicated “Via Verde” or “Panoramica per Urio e Carate”.

On the way there are a couple of fountains, but almost no shops or bar, until when you will be back to the main road or when you arrive in Laglio. If it is a sunny day, take some water with you.

To go back to Como, unluckily there are no boats, so you can walk back from the same way or take the “Via Regina Vecchia” (narrow road, with no sidewalk, 60 minutes walk). The other option is to go close to the “Ristorante San Martino” and take a bus; watch out that there are just few bus running on Sunday.

To make transport more easier, we suggest you to go by bus to Laglio and walk back from Laglio to Moltrasio; in Moltrasio there is a boat which will take you to Como city center.

The last option, if you are willing to walk 1 hour more, is to take the “Sentee de Sort”; another easy walk, starting in Tosnacco, which goes to Rovenna (over Cernobbio). The path here is passing through woods and a couple of ruins. There are few spots with tables for pic-nic and where to enjoy the great view of the lake. Once in Rovenna, you can take the bus to Cernobbio or Como (not very frequent); walk down to Cernobbio or try hitch hiking.

How to go to Moltrasio:
Take the boat to Moltrasio or take bus C10 in Piazza Matteotti (Como)
Look for “Trattoria del Fagiano” and then “Via Verde” dots on the ground

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