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Our organization: Tour in Como APS

Stefano Tagliabue

Born and raised in Como, started to travel around Europe one weekend after the other during his studies of Management Engineering in Politecnico di Milano.

His thirsty of travelling grew little by little and in 2016 he took decision to quit his job in an Apparel Company (which motto was, not by chance: “Never Stop Exploring”) to take a Round the World Tour.

When back, decided to start the activity of Free Walking Tours in his native city: Como

Here is his Couchsurfing profile: https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/stefanotagliabue

While here a quick video about his travel around the world: Click here!


Massimiliano Barabino


Chiara Orsenigo

Hi everybody! My name is Chiara and the Como province is my birthplace too.
I am graduated in Science of Tourism at Milano Bicocca University.
I love travel and tourism, and after few work experiences in this sector, I have decided to leave my area and travel for one year in the north and in the south of England.
I have a lot of hobbies as well, besides music and cooking, I have played Volleyball since I was a child.
The future is uncertain but I have a lot of wishes, some achievable and other…who knows! The best way is share all of this with other guys like me!

Chiara Tagliabue


Francesco Zamburlini
“Rucksack on the shoulders” and “as a local person” are his main leitmotivs.
Since when he was a kid he has travelled all over Italy and Europe with his parents, in the itinerant way. Later he is always looking for new places to see and discover.
In life he is a informatics engineer, volleyball coach and coordinator, new technologies lover and always drawn to new challenges.
Photographer for passion. He rolls around the world absorbing the art of whoever he meets. He savors traditions, colors, passions and flavors of more than 60 countries.


Matteo D’Antonio